Philosophy of Success and Structure of my signature physician coaching program

I’m Daniel Hayes, MD, Executive Coach for Physicians. I assist physicians return balance to their life or improve their leadership. My signature one-on-one coaching program is called Physician Performance Advantage.


The structure of this six-month program has four phases:

1. Discovery
The first phase, Discovery, occurs prior to an actual face-to-face meeting. My clients complete several tools, including an assessment of how they response to challenges and what motivate them. Then, if appropriate, I interview some of their colleagues and supervisors.

2. Goal Development

The second phase, Goal Development, takes place during a two-day face-to-face conference.

3. Strategic Planning

The third, Strategic Planning, takes place towards the end of the face-to-face conferences and specifies the steps to your transformation in a specific area of career or leadership.

4. Coaching Engagement

The fourth phase, Coaching Engagement, or simply, coaching, occurs by phone in two or three forty-minute coaching sessions per month, over six months. I bring in tools and structures during the sessions to hold you accountable for your goals. My coaching process involves listening, deep questions, exploration of assumptions, and teaching.

I also provide milestone sessions at three and six months to assess our progress and decide on next steps.

Philosophy of Success

My philosophy of success is called the Three Dimensions of Professional Fulfillment (or Leadership Transformation) These dimensions are: Core, Intention, and Practice. If you follow these three principles, you will enjoy professional fulfillment.

1. Core

The first dimension, Core, is the aggregate of your values. What draws you and what gratifies you suggest your values. When your choices are not in concert with your values, you feel conflicted.

2. Intention 

The second dimension of professional fulfillment, intention, is the honest expression of what you wish to achieve in the future. Your intention statement must be in concert with your values.

3. Practice

The third dimension of professional fulfillment is practice. The actual practice of behavior shows your application to your intention, your commitment to a path.

When you follow this philosophy of success you are authentic. And your patients, colleagues, and superiors will respond to this authenticity.

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