What Clients Say

Dan’s process helped me reorient my priorities of work, family and lifestyle at a time in my life when I was growing increasingly frustrated with all three. This was putting my job at risk. Rethinking how I looked at work as the mechanism that facilitated the lifestyle I loved was most helpful. Thanks Dan!

Emergency medicine physician

I was experiencing heightened stress due to a failing marriage, a demanding call schedule in an acute trauma care center, changes in the department, and strained relationships with some of the nurses. Your coaching program helped me help identify triggers to and early warning signs of my intimidating behavior and substitute safer responses to the staff. I also established effective boundaries for protecting my energy and the things dearest to me. As a result, I am much more satisfied in medicine and content at home.

Interventional Radiologist

After my second coronary bypass, I saw Dan Hayes and believe that, as a result of his stress management program, my life is more focused and less stressful. It is fair to say that he saved my life.

Morton Shapiro, Professional Arbitrator

Your coaching provided me with invaluable focus during the stress of my company’s purchase and subsequent management changes.

John Ostrowski, ARCO Products Company

I have found your coaching style extremely helpful, not only in clarifying my role as a manager, but also in directing my focus to more effectively utilize strengths, energy, and time. You are equally effective with the varied personalities of my staff. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone wanting to improve his or her personal or professional effectiveness.

Gary Rood, President, Lifestyle’s Adult Assisted-Living facilities

I was president of my company, had an advanced degree, and was confident in my business and social relationships. I was happily married, and had never felt the need for coaching of any sort. Then came the unexpected: a series of stressful experiences related to both personal health and business relationships. So when I needed to be at my sharpest and best emotionally, my anxiety level soared. I had never felt such a need for guidance, support, and understanding. At that crucial moment, I was introduced to Dr. Dan Hayes, and within weeks of regular dialogues, I recovered my confidence and perspective. It was such an easy relationship….non-clinical, and reinforcing. It was a singular time in my life, and has never been repeated. I have felt in the years following that Dan Hayes was “the right person at the right time”™ in my life journey.

Jack Stowell, Career Management Executive